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Residential Heating Repair


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Must present upon technician arrival

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Must present upon technician arrival

3 Things to Check Before Turning on your Heater for the First Time

As you make the transition from fall to winter, it is easy to switch on the heat without giving it a second thought. However, there are a few important things to check before turning on your heater for the first time this year. In order to ensure a safe home with a well-maintained furnace, it is best practice to take the following steps before you start running the heat.

1. Is there a smell?

When you turn on your heater for the first time, it is not uncommon to smell burning dust. As dust can settle on the heating components during the warm months of the year, it is inevitable that it is going to burn off when the unit heats up. You can open a window or two to get rid of the odor. If the smell persists for more than a few hours, consider changing the filters and cleaning the ducts. If there is an actual fire or smoke coming from the system, turn it off right away. Extinguish the flames or get out of the house. Call 911 or the applicable emergency number in your area.

2. What is the current carbon monoxide detector reading?

If you don’t already have a carbon monoxide detector, purchase and install one. If the alarm goes off or has a reading over 30, turn off the furnace right away and call a technician, as there may be a dangerous condition. Open the windows and avoid turning on the heat again until a professional has assessed the situation. Some technicians even recommend leaving the house altogether if the reading is over 30.

3. Is the furnace making any unusual noises?

Does it seem like the furnace is struggling to run normally? Are there excessive noises or airflow? Any of these conditions may indicate that the furnace needs a tune up. Is the furnace not blowing warm air? The first thing to check is the breaker. Make sure that the unit is receiving power. Some electric heat pumps have a defrost condition in which the unit runs through a defrost cycle when the temperature is under 40 degrees. Once this cycle has run its course, the heating should turn on again.

Once you have gone through the necessary things to check before turning on your heater for the first time and have followed your common sense about its condition, you should have a pretty good idea whether or not the furnace is running normally. Any appliance that heats up has the potential to be dangerous. As such, it is always best to be safe when it comes to your furnace. When you check it thoroughly early in the season, you can take care of issues as needed before it gets too cold. There are also things you can do beforehand to reduce your heating bill before it gets too high.

Heater / Furnace Installer

If you have been looking for a team of trained heating technicians who continually provide professional heating service for the greater metro Phoenix area, then look no farther.

Our valued customers know that they can rely on the dedication and skill of our technicians to get the very best result possible! Our trained heating technicians are experienced in all heating service situations and possess a comprehensive understanding of heating systems from minor problems to coordinating a major installation.

Residential and commercial heating system repairs requires expert heating technicians service, our customers have come to expect that and Air Dynamics is always looking for better ways to serve our customers, family, friends and the community. From heater repairs and maintenance to heating unit installation, call Air Dynamics for all of your heating repair needs at 951-660-4242 and keep your heating system working properly and efficiently by setting up a scheduled maintenance plan.

Above All Heating & Air support all major brands and also provide speedy 24/7 emergency heating service to the Phoenix area.

Heating Solutions

Our local service areas include the Temecula & Murrieta Valley. We will travel as far north as Ontario, CA and south throughout San Diego county.
We provide heating/furnace repairs and installation for residential and commercial customers.
We can advise you on a wide variety of heating and air conditioning systems that will reduce energy consumption and save you money.
Above All Air Conditioning and Heating services all brands of heaters and Air Conditioners.

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Here are just a few of the services we offer:

  • Duct cleaning and vent cleaning

  • Gas furnace repair

  • Air filters replaced

  • Boiler & hot water heater replacement

Looking for heating service that you can trust?
We are the Temecula Valley's most trusted choice for all HVAC installation and repair!

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Heating Installations and Maintenance

Above All Heating and Air Conditioning specializes in heating and air conditioning systems. We provide system service, repair, and installation. We can normally repair or replace your heating system/furnace on the first service call. We offer over 30 years of experience in the heating repair and installation industry and provide service at a reasonable price!
We not only service Home units but commercial systems as well.

Heater / Furnace Repair

Repairing your unit can save you thousands of dollars,  it is your most affordable option.
There are sure ways to avoid replacing your unit too soon:
1.  A Maintenance Plan with Above All Heating and Air. This will insure to save money in the long run.
2. Create a maintenance schedule on your own. Click here for a list

Interior Design

The Benefits of Calling Trusted Professionals for Heating Repair

Contacting certified AC repair experts is the smartest decision you can make when problems appear. Our decades of experience mean that we know exactly where to look. Our certified technicians understand the ins and outs of different kinds of units, as well as the best way to fix them.

Another benefit of working with air conditioner repair experts is that it extends the life of your HVAC system. When fans, refrigerants, and coils work at maximum levels, the entire system works better and stays in optimal shape. All of this saves you time and money.


Call us today! We are here and available to serve you with the most experienced technicians. We provide emergency repairs 24 hours per day, if needed. Our normal business hours are from 8am to 7pm Monday through Saturday.
Our local service areas include: Temecula, Murrieta, Menifee, Winchester, Sun City, Canyon Lake, Wildomar and Lake Elsinore. Our non-local service areas include most of California.

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